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Oprah Calls it a 'Full Circle Moment'

It's not often you can stand in the present and simultaneously look back at where you've been. When it happens, it’s a powerful moment. Tonight I experienced a true ‘full circle moment’ while guest lecturing at Suffolk University, my alma mater. Standing in a classroom where I learned many years ago, I spoke to Sara Steele-Roger’s social media class about Personal Branding and taking online relationships offline. Sharing my knowledge with 19 co-eds was truly a fulfilling experience. Sometimes in life we don’t realize the journey we’re on until a moment, or ‘full circle moment’ slaps us in the face.

Most of the conversation revolved around building your brand via social media and best practices to do so. While the idea of “personal branding” is rather new, there is a little bit of science behind it. Most importantly, like with any brand, keeping your message consistent is


key. This ensures information that is continually relevant to your followers. And speaking of followers, make sure to know your audience. My followers want to hear about Beards, Style, Burgers & Boston… the good news is, that’s exactly what I want to talk about. That statement is a true example of a “personal brand”. If I ever start tweeting about being #fitfluential, someone take away my iPhone.

3 Tips for Building a Personal Brand

-Speak with a unique, authentic voice

-Know your audience or build the type of audience you want

-Establish offline relationships & follow up offline interactions with online.

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