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Tastemade City: Boston

Over the past several months, I've been working with Tastemade City to launch their app in Boston. Already popular in other markets across the US, Tastemade City is a platform for "tastemakers" to create one minute “appisodes” about their favorite restaurants. The intuitive app guides users through the process breaking each appisode into six steps including intro, ambiance, must order dish, food, insider tip, and wrap up. The shots are filmed and Tastemade adds the title slide, music, and professional caliber editing. It's a creative way to share restaurant recommendations.

Beyond sharing recommendations, Tastemade City is a solid resource to plan a Saturday night. So many sites and apps post photos, text reviews and information about restaurants, but Tastemade City is the only one doing it in video form. What better way to get the full experience of a restaurant than watching a short video highlighting it’s best parts. When you stumble on a great Tastemaker, you’ll find their insider tips (like skipping dinner and heading in for brunch instead) to be invaluable.

Check out my appisodes here:

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