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Summer Style Tips on CT STYLE

Summertime is when we get to unbutton our style a little. But as we remove the layers, so much can go wrong. Cargo shorts make an appearance and graphic tees get a little, well... graphic. To loosen up your look while keeping on trend, check out my 3 summer style tips PLUS my segment on CT STYLE.


When buying and wearing shorts, there’s several points to keep in mind. Cargo shorts are everywhere for some reason, but instead choose a flat front short in a solid neutral. If you’re opting for a pattern, make sure to skip plaid and pick a stripe or micro print pattern.

As far as length is concerned, shorts should hit just at, or above the knee. Any longer, and it throws off the proportions of the body. This season we’re seeing shorter shorts (hello 5 inch inseams!) but proceed with caution if choosing this option.


So many times guy are walking around with bad graphic t’s. Whether it be a sports team t-shirt (this should be reserved for sporting events only), or something cheeky (like “Florida. Come see our Naples”), you should most likely skip the graphics all together. To infuse a little personality in your t-shirts, pick a brightly colored shirt. It’ll look great against a tan and update your look. Pro tip: V-necks are always a better choice than a crew neck. It will make you look taller.

Flip Flops

I’m a fan of flip flops, don’t get me wrong. But there’s a time and place for them. Boat shoes are a better footwear choice for most warm weather scenarios. If you’re going with flip flops, make sure to get a good leather pair like Rainbows or Reefs that will mold to your feet over time and wear well.

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