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DRINKmaple at Tempo

Last month the fine folks at Tempo Kitchen + Cocktails in Waltham, MA invited Caitlin Croswell (@CaitPlusAte) and me in for a very generous, very delicious dinner. Many of the dishes featured DRINKmaple, a pure, refreshing water collected from Vermont maple trees in the spring. It is naturally hydrating, with just a hint of maple, and exploding with nutrients. It may sound unusual, but it added quite the punch to several dishes including the watermelon gazpacho, plank grilled samlon (a fall menu preview) and my favorite, the tequila cocktail.

Tempo Kitchen + Cocktails is located at 474 Moody St, Waltham, MA

DRINKmaple cocktal at Tempo Kitchen + Cocktails

Tempo Kitchen + Cocktails Waltham, MA lighting

Tempo Kitchen + Cocktails street tacos on johnny cakes

Tempo Kitchen + Cocktails double thick pork chop over mac and cheese

Tempo Kitchen + Cocktails salmon with DRINKmaple

My meal was provided gratis by Tempo Kitchen + Cocktails & DRINKmaple. All opinions and experiences are my own.

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