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Where at all the plus size male models? | The Guardian

This past week, Chubstr received a major coup by being featured in The Guardian's article about plus size male models. Our editor-in-chief Bruce Strugell made poignant comments about the lack of plus size male models and the lack of extened sized clothing for men in brick and motar stores. Sturgell says " ...society needs to acknowledge that the ‘jokey fat guy’ also wants to look good. There’s an idea that the big guy doesn’t care, that he wants to hang out in sweatpants.”

A huge part of why I write for Chubstr (beyond my love of style) is it provides a unique resource for guys of all sizes who WANT to look good, but just can't seem to figure out how to acheive it. Regardless of your size, when you looks good, you feel good. We're trying to spread that mantra one guy at at time. Thank you to The Guardian for helping us move forward.

Of course, I'm hugely flattered to be the feature photo in this article and doubly flattered to be labeled at a "plus size male model". Just a little back story, this photo (which I use for all my social media) was taken in an iPad, by my boyfriend, on the steps of my former apartment to feature the Costello Tagliapietra Perfect Cardigan for a Chubstr article. Amazing to see it land where it has.

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