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American Made, American Field

Saturday, Dave and I headed to American Field, the pop-up exhibition and market featuring American Made goods, with fellow blogger Seth Hardy of A Boston Blazer. Each year the market expands its offering beyond typical menswear fare and delves further into the products that truly make American unique. The featured vendor, Ball and Buck, was representing in full force with their perfectly curated display that oozed classic Americana. Maybe I’m biased (because I love a good deal) but their sample sale was the real star of the show; I picked up a t-shirt for just $10.

Walk the aisles of the market and you’ll find quintessential preppy wares like Cape Clasp bracelets, steampunk inspired lighting from Stone Hill Design, and my personal favorite hand painted canvas products from Hobey Toggery & Tackle. In my opinion, Hobey was the stand out of the show. Their canvas duffels and valet trays were truly inspired, unique, and hand crafted. The colors were a bold contrast to the typical “made in American” colors of hunter green, tan, and navy. I will most definitely be purchasing a duffle to pack next time I’m cape-bound. As always, a unique offering of products was on display from Studdly by Maggie Antalek. Each cuff, necklace and bracelet is hand crafted by Maggie herself. My anchor cuff has gotten a lot of camera time over the years as it’s featured in my signature photo.

Beyond clothing and accessories, the Monogram Modern Home presented by dwell, which was featured outside the Innovation and Design building, was perhaps the most unique product lines to be featured. I was taken the beauty and simplicity of the home and will be writing more about my experience in an article later this week.

American Field has shipped out of Boston, but catch their next stop in Washington D.C. from October 17th-18th at Georgetown Park.

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