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Monogram Obsession Hits New Heights

In my last post, I mentioned one of the highlights of American Field was the Monogram Modern home by dwell. This prefabricated house, custom-built and outfitted with Monogram appliances sat outside the Innovation and Design building and warmly greeted guests into its lushly modern space. With the kitchen as the show piece (as in most homes) the Monogram Modern home is a showcase of state of the art, high end, luxury appliances. Now you may be saying, “Monogram? Never heard of them.” Actually, you have. Monogram is the luxury brand of GE appliances (Get it? GE. Monogram. Duh) and are a serious step up from anything in my rental apartment.

Take this cooktop for example, the touch operated induction system actually has Bluetooth capabilities for the GE Sous Vide Accessory. While cooking with the sous vide method, this accessory links with the cooktop to automatically adjust the cooktop’s temperature for perfect results every time. Beyond the impressive technical and technological capabilities, the cook top looks incredibly sleek and would fit well on any countertop. As you can see, I enjoyed several of the food options, all expertly prepared by Chef Hayley, and crafted solely using Monogram appliances.

The brownies pictured were baked using the Advantium® Speedcook Technology wall oven. This oven is basically 4-in-1 combining Speedcook, convection, microwave and warming (perfect for dough proofing) all in one. Like with the other monogram appliances, it’s beautiful to boot. The touch controls are sleekly placed behind glass (like and iPhone) so they’re each to use when your hands are a bit messy.

As you would expect from dwell, the home was expertly decorated in an effortless luxury style. Furnishings were modern, but with a mid-century flare. Now, if someone could buy me a little plot of land on the beach, and have the Monogram Modern Home delivered (free of charge), that would be great. You know how to get in touch with me.

For more info about the Monogram Modern Home by dwell visit:

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