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Primania Hits Boston

Everyone loves a good deal. Add in a little trendiness, plop it in one of Boston's fastest growing neighborhoods and you've got Primark. A shopping staple in the UK, Primark makes its US debut here in Boston in Downtown Crossing. Walking through the main entrance, Primark welcomes shoppers into a bargain wonderland with a electric blue neon sign. It's a perfect Instagram photo opportunity and that isn't by chace. Primark is heavy on the social media, often featuring shoppers fitting room selfies on Twitter and Instagram. For the social media addicts (like me) there's no shortage of photo opps throughout the store.

All four floors of Primark are chock full of merchandise. Woman's, and cosmetics, takes over the first two floors while the 3rd and 4th include Men's, Shoes, Baby & Home. Dave and I found ourselves riding the escalator up to the 3rd floor Men's department taking in all Primark has to offer for men. From athletic wear to formal wear, everything at Primark is on trend. Luckily for me, navy blue is a theme used heavily throughtout the departments, and clothing, in the store. I picked up this fantastic navy blue herringbone sweater, with button detail for $12 and the chino's for $14. A full outfit for a whopping total of $26. Dave picked up a pair of black skinny jeans (with stretch) for $16. Both of us are very happy with our selections.

I'm looking forward to seeing the quality and longevity of the clothing as they wear. I've heard good things, but for a $26 outfit, I would be completely ok if they only lasted the season. Sizing was excellent as well with most items running true to size. With such an exceptional variety of clothing options, Primark will absolutely become one of my go-to stores.

Primark provided a giftcard for my shopping trip in exchange for social media content. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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