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The Gifts Your Grad Really Wants

Finding the right gift for the grad in your life is a tall order. Because I'm a fan of riffing on the traditional, I've picked some twists on classics and, a few original ideas. Check out my clip from The Rhode Show below to see my picks from Mapiful, Basic/Outfitters, Cross Pens, Original Grain Wood Watch, Twillory, and Gyft.


Unlike most people, I love to iron. I find great satisfaction in ironing out wrinkles. Call it a control thing. However if you're like the masses and hate ironing, check out Twillory; the first formaldehyde free non-iron shirt. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, Twillory is a great gift for the college grad heading out on job interviews. They'll look perfectly pressed without every hauling out the iron. Beyond button down shirts, Twillory offers stylish ties, metal collar stays and yes, laundry bags. Inside each Twillory box is a RE: PURPOSE envelope which allows you to send unwanted shirts from your closet to Twillory so they can inspect, launder, and donate your used clothing. 1-for-1 is a beautiful thing.

#ProTip: Order using promo code RHODESHOW to get 2 shirts for only $89

Creating beautiful custom maps for any location in the world, Mapiful combines full customization with gorgeously simple Scandinavian design. With Mapiful, you're able to zoom in down to the street level if you choose, making this a perfect gift for the high school grad heading off to college. Personalize the map with their neighborhood, high school location, or anywhere of significance in your grad's life. Available in several sizes, Mapiful ships for free, worldwide.

#ProTip: For a unique way to to hang Mapiful, or any poster, in your dorm room or apartment, cut poster board or foam core to size using scissors or X-acto knife. Lay the poster on top and secure with colorful binder clips. Leave the binder clips at the top flipped open to string wire through. Then hang from the drop ceiling in your dorm room. No damaged walls!

Face it, doing laundry in general sucks, but it's even worse when you're in a dorm, or out on your own for the first time. Basic/Outfitters offers premium basics with their create-a-drawer box. Select your grad's size, then pick socks, undershirts, underwear, and even sweats to send in a neatly packed box. Best of all 10 pair of socks, 5 pair of underwear, 3 undershirts, and 1 "wild" basic is only $60 (see below for discount). It's a great way to start building the foundation to any wardrobe. Basic/Outfitters also offers a 'Fashion Drawer' to take your grad beyond just the basics.

#ProTip: Get $15 off your first order by ordering through this link.

Cross Pen

A pen has been a classic gift for years for those graduating college and heading into the corporate world. With the term 'classic' also comes the idea of stuffy, stodgy, and old. Cross heard you and teamed with Marvel to create a collection of high quality pens, that reflect your personal style and interests. I personally never believed in the idea of a high quality pen until I was sitting in a meeting next to someone who pulled a gorgeous Cross Peerless 125 series pen out of a leather case. I'd never felt more inferior in my life so I ran out and got a Cross pen of my own instantly feeling better about myself (I'm only half joking.) To personalize even further, almost all Cross pens are engraveable with initials, university or date. Beyond graduation, Cross pens make a great gift to celebrate a promotion, milestone, or other achievement.

#ProTip: Cross will be at Brown University this Saturday and Sunday. All pens feature free on-site engraving.

For my college graduation, I received a beautiful Movado watch that I rarely wear. Instead of going for the obvious, take a break from tradition and try a wood watch like the Barrel Collection from Original Grain. A bit more subdued than other wood watches out there, the Barrel Collection accents a custom inlaid bezel and leather strap with a trimming of real wood around the face. It makes for a strong first impression and great conversation piece. The Barrel Collection features a 47mm face which is the perfect balance between understand, and just plain huge. Adding to its uniqueness, Original Grain makes several lines of watches including several with reclaimed American Oak Whiskey Barrel Wood.


Perfect for the last minute gifter, or the for the grad who has everything, Gyft is an app (and desktop site) that allows users to purchase gift card to hundreds of stores and deliver them electronically. Better yet, if you're unsure of where your grad is shopping these days, you can purchase Gyft credit which allows them to purchase a gift card of their choice thru the app.

#ProTip: Gyft is perfect for those in who won't see their grad in person, but still want to give a gift. Think cousins, aunts, uncles, or siblings.

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