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Suited by Miltons

You may have noticed the dashing suit I wore to the Goodwill Good Party last week. For my favorite event of the year, I knew I needed to find a suit that would stand out, and fit perfectly too. Cue Miltons the Store for Men in Newton and Braintree. A fixture in the Boston area, Miltons has been suiting up men since 1947. Admittedly I didn’t know what to expect when I entered the Newton store. I’ve had suits custom made and have bought them off the rack at department stores, but never had I gone to a “men’s store” for a suit. To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. Miltons in Newtown splits the store into two areas, the downstairs is comprised of sportswear, blazers, shoes, and accessories. I was surprised to see Vineyard Vines, Herschel Bags, and Cole Haan shoes. The store is bright, open, airy, and not packed with Saturday coupon clippers like you would find in a department store. I found it easy and comfortable to browse the store while I waited to meet Dana Katz.

Dana is the 3rd generation owner of Miltons who is passionate about men’s style and making sure guys look and feel good. Their motto, coined by Dana, is "You'll be as comfortable in our stores as you'll be in our clothes." A very accurate statement in my experience. Dana began by asked me a couple questions about my personal style, what I look for in a suit, and if I will be wearing the suit to a specific event. Generally speaking, my style is more classic and I tend to lean towards blues, so that’s where we began. After a couple quick measurements, Dana pulled several suits in a slim cut that fit well right off the rack. Being barrel chested with broad shoulders, my suits almost always have to be altered in the shoulders. However Dana’s experienced eye was able to pick a suit brand, and cut, that needed almost no alterations in the jacket. After trying on several blue suits, Dana pulled a grey suit with a windowpane pattern for me to try. It was a suit I never would have selected myself, but when I slipped on the jacket, I instantly fell in love with it. Dana explained that while the suit is wool, it’s lightweight and can be worn year round. This was a huge factor for me, especially wearing it to The Good Party which is outdoors, under a tent, in June.

Dana and I then went on to select a perfectly coordinating shirt in a lavender color, a fantastic plaid tie which I fell in love with, and a purple pocket square. As a rule. I’m not a pocket square kind of guy, but as with all his previous recommendations, Dana was spot on in recommended this color, and the pocket square itself. A pair of gorgeous brown Johnston & Murphy shoes were select, awesome socks with a fun pop of color, and even boxer briefs. Maybe this is TMI, but Dana recommended SAXX boxer briefs and touted them as comfortable, and supportive. I have a preferred brand of underwear (BearSkn) however SAXX were just as advertised. They were soft, supportive, and really breathable. At no time during the event did they bunch, ride up, or feel uncomfortable. Truthfully, it felt like I was wearing nothing at all, in very good way.

Most guys I know wouldn’t visit in a “men’s store” to buy a suit. They’d head over to Macys, see what’s around, pick up a suit, bring it to the tailor, have it altered, and be on their way. But at Miltons all of those above steps happen in-store. The staff is plentiful (I was greeted at least 3 times before my appointment) and each is a suiting expert unlike the staff at a department store. The tailor I met with was no nonsense which is exactly how I like them. She let me know all the alterations she was going to make, listened to my requests, quickly marked up my suit, and I was on my way. Basically, if you want exceptional service, shop at Miltons.

In just a few days, my suit was ready to be picked up. The pickup process went smoothly and alterations had

been expertly executed. I headed home to pull all the pieces together, and man did they look great. I felt amazing in wearing the outfit that Dana and I had selected. From top to bottom (and my bottom in SAXX undies), it was perfection. Once I arrived at The Good Party, the compliments came fast and furious. From the staff checking me in, to my friends who were already there, the consensus was “this is Miltons?!” Yes my dear friends, this perfectly fitted, modern cut, unique pattern suit is from Miltons the Store for Men. At that moment I was reminded of my conversation with Dana a couple days earlier while in the store. I remarked on how current everything felt, and how I was so pleasantly surprised with the suit selection and the entire experience. Dana simply nodded and said “I don’t ever want this to feel like my father’s store.” And while the legacy of service and quality still feel like his father’s store, the selection is current, fresh, and perfect for every guy.

Miltons provided clothing free of charge in exchange for social media and blog content.

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