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5 Reasons to Take Amtrak to Philly

This post is in partnership with Amtrak who provided compensation for travel and content. All views are of course my own.

Downtown to Downtown

Amtrak from Boston to Philadelphia couldn’t be easier. Pick up the Acela (or NE Regional) from South Station, an easy Lyft ride from anywhere in Boston or the surrounding area. The best part is, unlike the airport, there’s no long security lines, no need to get to the station an hour early, and far less stress than any airport you’ve ever experienced. The views along the way to

Philadelphia, especially down the Connecticut coast (my home state) are striking and absolutely “instaworthy.” The train continues through Connecticut to Manhattan where you’ll catch the sites of the skyline including the Freedom Tower, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, and the new 432 Park Avenue which holds the title of tallest residential building in the world.

Arrival in Philly is at 30th Street Station, a stunning designated National Historic Place and Amtrak’s 3rd busiest station. Constructed in the last 20’s and opened in 1933, the waiting area is stunning with travertine walls and the coffered ceiling is painted gold, red and cream. It’s an impressive welcome to Philadelphia, a city rich with history. Speaking of history, 30th street station is just a 7 minute Lyft ride to Independence Hall. A 10 minute ride to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens. One of my favorite stops on our trip.

Food around that are includes Federal Donuts which is known for their freshly made donuts and fried chicken. Talk about a dream meal.

Ultimate Travel Comfort

Ever packed a cheeseboard to share with your friends on an airplane? Didn’t think so. Because traveling with Amtrak is so roomy and comfortable, you’re able to make the trip a little more

Snacks on Amtrak Acela

special, and share a real meal with your travel companions, or just for yourself. We spread out a delicious cheese board with Vermont Creamery cheeses, crackers, pretzels, and of course a handful of nuts. The smooth train ride let us enjoy it in ultimate comfort. Also, Amtrak has several table seats in each car, perfect for socializing with friends, or even meeting new friends while you ride the rails.

Along with being able to pack delicious snacks from home, the Amtrak café car has real food (like had made bacon, egg, and cheese burritos and a blueberry yogurt parfait) and of course beer, wine, and bloodmary’s for those who like to drink before noon (raises hand.)

The Quiet Car

When you really need to focus on work (like editing photos or writing this blog post) opt for the Amtrak quiet car. It’s actually, really quiet and perfect for when a deadline is coming close or when you’ve had a little too much fun the night before. We’ve all been there. In the evenings, lights are dimmed on Amtrak’s quiet car for those who may want to snooze. The only sound is the train gliding over the rails or the clicking of keyboards from bloggers who leave blog posts to the last minute :)

Space for all your luggage

Here’s the deal, we all over pack. When you’re flying, carry on bag size can be a real challenge and the penalties for going over weight and oversized are really steep. Amtrak allows each passenger two 28” suitcases weighing up to 50 pounds each, PLUS two personal items up to 14 inches and 25 pounds each. Just to give you a point of reference, a 28” suitcase is a full sized suitcase that is large enough for clothing for one week of travel. However if you’re an over-packer like me, it was the perfect size for a long weekend.

That second carryon bag is perfect for snacks (like a cheeseboard), shoes, cosmetics, or whatever your heart desires.

Save Valuable Time

Ok so add up total travel time on Amtrak and it may add up to more than flying (including getting to/from the airport.) But that extra time spent is actual, real, usable time. Instead of waiting in the security line for 30 minutes, that’s time you can catch up on some emails. 15 minutes to board the plane? Take that time to set up a delicious cheeseboard for you and your friends while pouring some wine from the café car.

Also there’s a certain comfort to Amtrak that you just can’t get on other forms of transportation. Add in the fact that you’re dropped off right in the heart of the city, and it’s a no brainer. I’ve flown to Philly many times and Amtrak is by far my preferred method of travel.

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