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Big Guys Need a Big Fig Mattress

While the original article is from 2018, but I still have my Big Fig Mattress and LOVE it. It's held up so well over the years and so many of my friends have purchased one too. Check out the sale below for the most up to date discount.

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We needed a new mattress, desperately. As two big guys, our furniture and mattress take a beating. Our old queen sized mattress was from one of the big mattress brands, and for all intents and purposes should have lasted a long time. Unfortunately after about 5 years, it was shot. Creaking springs, two valleys where each of us slept, and just generally uncomfortable. So when it came time for a new mattress, we had to do our research. As bigger guys, we knew we needed a few things:

  • king size mattress

  • firm mattress

  • something with edge support

  • durability and longevity with a good warranty

All of these requirements led us to Big Fig, the company making mattresses for bodies of all sizes, but especially larger people like us. Big Fig makes mattresses with things like high density foam for extra support, hybrid construction (springs and foam) to keep the comfort for the duration of their 20(!) year warranty, and firm edge support so two people can comfortable sleep in bed using all the surface area the mattress has to offer.

Here’s how the mattress performed on our wish list items:

King Size: Believe it or not, when we Dave and I first started dating almost 10 years ago, we shared a double bed! We upgraded to a queen 6 years ago, but we instantly knew that upgrading

to a king sized mattress was the way to go. We’re lucky our bedroom could accommodate the size, but we did have to swap in new nightstands to make it work. The extra room not only made it more comfortable for sleeping, but it made lazy Sunday mornings even lazier and longer.

Firm Mattress: The first few nights, this mattress was FIRM. We thought we made a mistake to be honest. Big Fig only comes in one firmness option and we were starting to second guess our choice. By the second week, it began to soften up without losing any of its support. The best way to describe the mattress is sturdy. The foundation hold about 5x the weight of a traditional foundation and the bed frame holds up to 2,000 pounds. This thing isn’t going anywhere, and you can feel it.

Edge Support: You know when you sit at the edge of your bed to put socks on and it sinks? Not Big Fig! I’m still surprised every time. The mattress is designed with the firmest foam around the edges to keep you feeling secure in bed, even close to the edge. Supportive edges make the mattress feel more spacious too… hence those even lazier Sunday mornings.

Durability & Warranty: After previously paying significant amount for a mattress that only lasted 5 years, I knew we wanted something that would really last. Big Fig has a 20 year warranty that includes repairs under normal wear. Plus they’re tested with a 350lb weight to simulate 20 years of sleeping. Guess what? Big Fig passed the test with flying colors. That was a big factor for us in making the decision for a Big Fig.

Dave and I are both sleeping better since we got our Big Fig and know we made the right decisions. I've heard from so many friends, especially bigger guys, that they can't find a mattress that feels 'right'. Luckily there's Big Fig.

Big Fig offers financing options including a NO CREDIT option. If you're on the fence, now if the time to buy. Send me a message if you want to learn more.

Big Fig provided product gratis in exchange for an honest review and social media posts. Thoughts and experiences as as always, my own. This post uses affiliate links.

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