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I Got Botox: Here’s My Experience

RX Aesthetics provided product and service gratis in exchange for my honest experience. All views represented are my own.

Now through December 31st, at RX Aesthetics take 15% off any skincare service (that is non-injectable) as well as retail with code "Simkosays,"

I never really thought I needed Botox, but I was curious. I wasn’t focused on lines on my forehead but rather would it give me the ‘boost’ I was looking for? Give me back the glow I thought I lost? Maybe even perk me up a little. So I said “what the heck” and took up RX Aesthetics on their offer to come in for a consultation and get “injectables” (that’s an industry term).

First, the team at RX Aesthetics in Newton, Massachusetts is top notch. Overseen by Dr. Driscoll, MD, F.A.C.S., a plastic surgeon, the medical spa is run by two Registered Nurses: Therese Geary, RN and Julie Lambert, RN. Each has decades of experience in their field which really shines through. When choosing a place to receive Botox, do your research, check the credentials, and only go to reputable businesses and providers. If someone is offering Botox in their home, or the side room in a salon, proceed at your own risk. I felt 100% confident in the providers at RX Aesthetics.

My experience consisted of 3 visits:

  1. A consultation to meet Nurse Therese, review my goals, and see which injectables would be a good fit for me.

  2. My first visit where I received Dysport injections in my forehead. Dysport is a product that works similar to Botox and achieves similar results. I opted for just he forehead and between my eyes (the 11’s) and forwent the crow’s feet. I like those smile lines and wanted to keep them.

  3. A follow up appointment to check the progress of my injections and receive “touch up” injections. I needed a few more injections in my “11’s” to fully see results.

The first question I always get is, did it hurt? No. Absolutely not. The needles that are used for injectables are small and leave very little marks. Dysport takes some time to fully show results

and each day I felt a little different. Day 3, my forehead felt VERY heavy. It’s an odd feeling to say the least. By day 5, about half of my forehead was “frozen” which was an even odder feeling. Finally, by day 8, I would say I saw near-full results. My forehead was smooth and tight. I could move my eyebrows, but that’s about it. I definitely liked the smooth look, but was a little uncomfortable with the frozen feeling. That “frozen” feeling dissipated in a few weeks, and within a month everything felt fairly normal.

While I say normal, I still didn’t love the feeling of not being able to move my forehead, but I did like my overall look. Surprisingly, very few people commented on any difference. No comments, no looks, nothing. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but the people who I told all had a positive response. One of the weirdest sensations came about 2 months after my first injections… my forehead muscles would contract upwards involuntarily. Mostly it happened after I rubbed my forehead, or washed my face, but it was very odd. Granted it lasted just a few seconds and I was able to massage it away, but it was a side affect that would potentially make me not choose to have injectables again.

Three months later, my forehead feels totally normal and I’m pleased with the look. I'm not sure if gave me the "boost" or "glow" I was looking for, but it definitely made my forehead smooth. The product lasts 4-6 months, so I’m about halfway through the lifespan. I would advise anyone who is interested in Botox to do their research, visit RX Aesthetics, and go for it. The best part is that it’s not permanent and wears off over time. Will I get Botox again? I’m not sure. But I’m very pleased with my look and thoroughly trust Nurse Therese and the team at RX Aesthetics.

Now through December 31st, at RX Aesthetics take 15% off any skincare service (that is non-injectable) as well as retail with code "SIMKOSAYS". Follow them at @rxaestheticsmedicalspa on Instagram for great before & afters and specials.

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